Director : Mark Riccadonna

Producer : Mark Riccadonna,  Michel Grey & Mike Moyer

Cast : Paul Provenza, Rick Overton, Mark Riccadonna, Don Jamieson, Paul Lewis, Mike Baldini, Tyana Jenae, Rich Vos, John Fugelsang, Tony V, J.Nicholas Jones, Kara Jackson

Genre : Comedy

Release Date : TBA

Writer : Vinnie Nardiello & Mark Riccadonna

Rating : N/A

Radio Gods

Two Philadelphia Analog Shock Jocks (The Radio Gods) try to survive in a politically correct, digital world, after an On-Air publicity stunt goes terribly wrong. The Radios Gods (Provenza and Overton) transition from the number one morning radio team, to finally facing their real lives and rebuilding their career through a podcast, something they know nothing about.